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Suffolk County Investor Relations

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Public Improvement Serial Bonds


Welcome to Our Investor Relations Site


On behalf of the County and its residents, welcome to our investor relations webpage! As the  Comptroller of Suffolk County, I am delighted to extend a warm welcome to all visitors. Here, you’ll find  comprehensive financial information about our County’s fiscal health. This investor page reflects our  commitment to transparency and our dedication to maintaining our strong bond ratings, ensuring  stability and growth for our investors. We hope that you will find the site helpful as you seek to better  understand the County’s credit fundamentals.  

We appreciate your interest and investment in our bond program which provides financing for a wide  range of general governmental projects and services to enhance economic development while protecting our drinking water by preserving farm and parkland and enhancing the County’s sewer  infrastructure.  

Again, thank you for your interest in investing in our community.

John M. Kennedy Jr., Comptroller